Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Ronnies Diggs

The re runs of the Two Ronnies with the two old troopers adopting their familiar sitting-at-a news-desk posture whilst inviting the audience to share a nostalgic trip through their sketches is, I think, required viewing. Required viewing for the Little Britain generation to see where the root of this kind of humour is located. Required viewing for those who have forgotten how good they were.

Theirs was a weekly portfolio of sketches based on familiar characters with happily predictable attitudes based on their personality creations. Both capable of being funny and straight((ish) - there was seldom a stooge just different levels of ludicrousness)) and pastmasters at comic timing. One can marvel again at their exquisite vignettes of toe-curling irritation as one of them seeks to confuse and confound the other with clever wordplay and bumbling daffiness. And the comic-musicals, unmissable paeans to timing perfection, all dippy lyrics with a relevant leitmotif while dressed, typically, as scandalous tarts, outrageous washerwomen or scrubbery housewives.

Learn to live with it, The Two Ronnies rocked. And still do. In my humble, obviously.

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