Sunday, March 27, 2005

Time Bored

Am I the only person who's completely underwhelmed by the new Doctor Who? The music is as great as ever and the idea is brilliant - anything vaguely to do with time travel gets my vote. Anything as utterly beguiling as the concept of shifting backwards and forwards in time cannot possible not fascinate and entertain. But Doctor Who just dosen't do it for me. It never really did.

From the grandfatherly bad tempered charms of the snow-haired William Hartnell and the avuncular nuttiness of piccolo playing Patrick Troughton representations, to the lisping thespy tones of Jon Pertwee and the maniac moodiness of hillarious scarf-wearing Tom Baker, (read his autobiography this man is strange),I can't quite get it.

Other Bakers came and went, together with the one(late insertion) Peter Davidson, who married lovely Sandra Dickinson, she who is immortalised (at least with me) as the recipient of the famous (at least to me) wrist-watch communication TV commercial with her Dr Who hubby: 'Put the dinner on honey (she trilled) I'll be home in twenny minutes!' Yeah, one day in the far far future we'll be able to do that. I think not I thought, I mused.

Even Sylvester McCoy notwithstanding his penchant for hammering 6 inch nails up his nose (in his Dr Who R and R time)never really reached me.

Perhaps I'm just to poe-faced to be able to meld together wackiness and time travel. I don't think they sit well with each other unless sublimely done as in the Back to the Future franchise.

I'm a fan of the wacky,and a definite fan of sci-fi,(which I hope dosen't make me a bad 'un) but,(I have to admit a little shame-faced), I'm probably irritated when I'm served up a mix of the two.

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