Wednesday, March 23, 2005

A Turd in Your Ear

Although an obsession with toilet humour (not mine, theirs) hints at a life badly lived, I have to admit that the contributors to this site are a creative lot demonstrating no little ingenuity. The site's a clever idea too. Structured similar to more respectable versions of language and word lovers web sites (Ask Oxford it aint!), it has a large bank of words listed alphabetically giving it the appearance of a rather specialist dictionary, a word and phrase submission area together with a ranking system for readers giving it an interactive feel, and a Word of the Day award for those in seek of dubious plaudits.

Would be contributors should beware though, gutter slang maestros can be harsh judges when presented with a little clever word play (probably more appropriate here) with a coy mucky reference rather than the preferred vilely pictorial and obscenely graphic. The true afficionados are a critical bunch if you fail to measure up to their index of dirty talk and foul lexical semantics, if you fail to make explicit references with the required sexual and/or bodily-function undertones. On the rating scale my (weedy experimental) offerings rated two classed as 'average' (2 stars) one rated 'worth a chuckle' (three stars) and the rest awarded one star, sad to say therefore, universally condemned as 'crap.' I failed to reach 'classic' status with any of my inventions. A glance through the site will show you why this dosen't matter.

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