Friday, April 22, 2005

Squitters Rights

Over at MBFIAT, or should that be MBIAT boyfriend being a single word. No matter, over at the Best European Blog 2005, Zoe makes reference to Paula Radcliffe's unexpected and very public relieving of anal spasms exercise. Not quite the exercise most of us turned up or tuned in to see, drop out.

Who knows why it took the drama and the publicity to help poor Paula towards what should have been a very private affair. Then again maybe she'd been constipated recently and it was the excitement of the day playing with her nerves, and all that back-log, back-log, had to go - and, like the old saw about babies: " they come out when they're ready". However it did remind me of something I read somewhere about an unfortunate female, we'll call her. . . Pauline, who during sex, at the point of orgasm - after so much writhing and heavy breathing and all that other good stuff, she would simultaneously defecate. This was a cause of some concern to her, and I would imagine (though I could be wrong) that her partner was less than enamoured by this unfortunate synchronicity and the additional even more off-white patch left on the mattress as a witness to all that loving. ("Whose turn is it to lie in the damp patch tonight - jeez not mine, not now, not ever!")

Perhaps running so well, Paula in her own way, the way of the sports-trooper, was feeling similarly orgasmic at doing so breathlessly writhingly well. Doing as well as our other heroine, Pauline. But chosing her movement moment just as badly.
The Kid's Health website under the Are Your Bowels Moving section suggests: " Exercise is one of the best ways to keep your digestive system moving." Both Pauline and Paula are testament to that.

See, I don't get it! Radcliffe does it in public and everyone thinks it's funny and great, I do it and I get cautioned.

Bloody law of the celebrity.

Btw I think i dated Pauline for at bit.

Murder on the Ariel colour, let me tell you!
radcliffe has balls, that's all i can say.

i crapped all over my son when he was born - a sign not to eat too much before being induced ....
h s, There might be loads of 'em out there, saucing the sheets and marking out territory.

zed, Yep there's another one!
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