Monday, June 06, 2005

Link or Sink?

Blogging is without rules. The Blogger as Blogger is master. But I gather that there are one or two rules - guidelines, which new Bloggers should observe if they're not to be hammering out their written sentences during life sentences of Bloggy solitary confinement. So I suppose I should get around to putting together a Blogroll of some sort if I'm not to be forever yodelling across the valley into empty space. Into Blogger space where no-one can hear you scream. Or do anything else really.

Can be tricky this blogroll thing. Do I slavishly list the usual suspects and enter the arena of linky lurve - you know the drill, - the type-who-type-this-type of thing: 'Hi all' and wait for the torrent of groupies who sit, fingers forever suspended in hover-poise, ready to join in the fun? Or do I seek out the nuggets languishing in the marginalia? All that pink writing and black back grounding and black cat photography. Hmmm a tricksy snake of a poser.

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