Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Mask

Apparently, the S10 respirator is this year's 'must have.' And without going into too much detail as to why - I'm now the proud owner of one. The events of July have determined, it seems, that I - at least - must have one. I rather hope I'll never need to put it on in anger. Especially as I've just had to endure an eyesight test to determine the strength of the vision corrective lenses that will have to be inserted if I'm not to be rendered half blind when I'm wearing it. Thankfully things have moved on since the days when short sighted servicemen issued with them had to have little Gustav Mahler specs fitted which had to be fixed with a little clip on the internal nose hollow making otherwise tough, fit young men look like swottish, twittish pince-nez types.

My eyes are a nuisance these days. Teetering between short and long sight I have provided an optician's challenge to somehow prescribe a lens which will provide me with all round decent eyesight whilst my face is stuffed into this claustrophobic, steamed up, distorted rubber face clinker. Somehow I can't help but think that the finely graduated focal nuances of the lenses will join forces with the sweat and the grime and the tears and the sick to ensure that I am, in fact totally blind if and when I have to wear it.

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