Monday, October 17, 2005

A Bit of Fry and Rory

At last I'm back, more or less where I started. Blogroll, duly dusted and mustered. Couple of ring links. And a bad case of mouse handler's cramp. I'm too tired now to do my piece on an episode of QI I watched recently. The one where Rory MacGrath acts as a kind of knowledgeable loose cannon and threatened to out smart Stephen Fry with a surprisingly well stocked mind and unexpected erudition. The one where he very nearly ruined the episode's balance, as the programme pretty much relies on polymath Fry to be about a million times smarter than Alan Davies, who's just a cuddly lisper, and much more knowlegable than all the other guests - including Rory - who are expected to fight over the odd crumbs of wisdom that Fry might forget to mention. It is then that Fry normally adopts a kind of oracle-like sage-wiseman persona who might or might not chuckle at the other guests strained for quips and incoherent snippets of knowledge.

Not with Rory though. He was there with a brainful of Latin bird names together with their habitats, habits and habiliments. Quotes about queens, quoits and quislings. He seemed to know everything. His Atomics had nothing to do with Roosters, Kittens or Blondies, his were all about numbers. Neither they, nor I, had a clue what scholarliness he spouted. He was clearly grandstanding, which frustrated Fry - this is his territory after all - and forced Sean Lock to act like a naughty school boy and attempt to belittle Rory as 'the class swot'. Alan Davies seemed to metaphorically curl up into a ball, dormouse style, and show the TV world a facial expression that seemed to suggest he was looking forward to the next, Rory-less show.

As I said, I'm a bit too tired to do it. Some other time perhaps.

Wasn't it odd seeing Rory come up with all that stuff...and a final score of 88 unbeleivable.
Now if only he were funny...
There is a rumour, originating from the TTIAO team, that the bearded one has been known to cheat from time to time. I wonder...
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