Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Teachers Revisited

When Friends Reunited was first set up I was sufficiently curious to add my details and browse through the list of ex pupils at my schools to see if I could remember anyone.

Aside from a couple of names which seemed vaguely familiar, I soon started to realise that no-one I knew well had bothered to register with the site. Boredom threatened to take over me and I pledged not to return again. Ever. Then I noticed the teacher profiles.

This seemed a little more interesting. Ahh Mrs A, I remember her, oh, there's Mr C what have the ex pupils had to say about that old rogue, hope they lay into him. What we actually got were little grammatical disasters of affection and whimsy. " Mrs Hooper, She taught me french. i wish i Listened to her alot more. Bless!!" Or: "Mr Huddersfield. he taght drama I think. I liked him til he shouted at my sister." And so on.

Talk about missed opportunities. I set about putting together some no punches pulled profiles. I exaggerated the truth a little bit sometimes, but the essence of each of them, I felt were there. I must have made up about twenty of them. Up they went. Take that. A few old scores settled; and a little praise here and there just to keep the balance.

I sat back and waited to see what, if anything, would happen. Would I, in my own little way, unlock a great creative splurge from other contributors, other fellow sufferers, other beneficiaries. Would there be a chorus of: "yes, I remember him", and, "yes he was like that and he also did this, and do you remember that?"

Nothing changed. Except most of my teacher profiles were removed by the site as they had been considered offensive. And before long, where once my *coughs* incisive, and *cough-cough* witty, thumbnail sketches sat resplendent, the " Ahh Mrs Bell. We used to caller her dinger in sewinglessens" school of profiling returned.

Bloody cheek.

So in honour of those removed posts I shall reproduce some of the ones I can remember and post them around these here parts.

I've lurked a couple of times on FR, but realised I hardly remembered any of these people. Althouhg I could have got the wrong school.
I'm there under the name 'Georgina'.

My sister was being nosey and managed to post her name (I went to an all-boys school).
When I first checked out the teacher profiles, mine all said things like

"Mr A, I remember the day he drank a bottle of scotch & slapped piggy Jones"

"Miss G, I learned a lot the day I caught her & Mr H shagging in the broom cupboard"

"I remember Mrs W's classes with great fondness. she was always the best teacher to wind up & reduce to tears"

There were hundreds of these, along similar lines. However, they too have all been removed:-(

I think it was something about libel/defamation etc. So now youre stuck with rubbish. No real point really.
It's amazing how many people say: "I'm still living in the same town. I've been divorced three times and have seven kids. SI've been working in Asda since I left school."

There is nothing wrong with being divorced three times, having seven kids, living in the same town or working at Asda. But all at the same time?
Half of them are grandparents now!

Still, half of them were parents before they left school:-)

My problem is, that when I go visiting my old home town, I look at the 18-25 year olds to see if I can recognise them, forgetting that the people who were 18-25 when I left, will now be well on their way to 40. But who wants to look out for 40 year olds?
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