Friday, December 02, 2005

Flying Tonight!

Despite reading Alain De Botton's Art Of Travel during the summer with all those worthy ideas about travelling around your own country, town, village, bedroom with reopened minds as your passport and an interest in the mundane your new currency, I'm off to Budapest tomorrow.

These little city breaks are a new thing to me, but during these otherwise unrelieved winter days and nights I'm steadily working my way around some the world's cultural hotspots to serve as an alternative to having only Christmas to look forward to. I do one or two a year, but it certainly works for me. Bravo Stelios you make my life a happier one, or: Σας ευχαριστούμε Stelios που κάνετε τη ζωή μου ευτυχέστερη! As they say in Greece.

So I'll be wondering across the Chain Bridge under the watchful gaze of the tongueless lions and tripping down (or up) the Danube over the next couple of days, hopefully without the strains of that Austrian, Johann Strauss the Younger vibratoing through my head. It'll be all Liszt for me this week-end. Though, I'm sure Brahms will join us for a bottle or two of Tokay tomorrow night.

Cheers! Egszsgedre!

Hi Mike...can I get you to change the link to me in your sidebar/blogroll to

I had to delete my other blog (trapped in the body of a civil servant)...long story
Hmmm, so you're not terribly keen on good old British cold rain, but you're off to Budapest in the middle of Winter?

Aginoth - done: Maybe one day the whole story?

Spinsterella: Hi. I'm just a city break slut who loves a bargain. The high I get from that allows me to forget crappy weather.
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