Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Raises Bat

I've just noticed that this would be the one hundredth post on this blog and couldn't resist getting back to say so. It's remarkable how much more time I have on my hands when I'm on the moby dick. Doubtless posts will become rare again when I'm no longer the limp master. And, I have become the limp master.

I can now hop and stop without falling over. I can even hop with a cup of tea in my hands - riding the slosh as it were. I can walk on my heels or more correctly, my heel. I can negotiate stairs with a single crutch and shuffle myself down them on my backside using my crutch like a canooist's paddle, digging it in to steer the bend.

I've developed some pretty snazzy kitchen techniques using the crutch an extended arm: opening cupboards, prodding pedal bins open. As a gadget I might even miss it. But not that much.

Happy blogging century, even if it does find you in reduced circumstances.

Learning to walk like a one-legged man - see, that's one thing you've accomplished already in 2006.
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