Thursday, January 19, 2006

Take A Break

Apparently, there is a range of ligaments that run seductively down the inner outside of the human leg that spider their clingy way towards their major roles in life: foot bone attachments.

These ligaments are made of tungsten steel and are heroically impervious to snapping no matter how hard they're stretched or pulled. Unfortunately their bone masters, the metatarsals, are fragile wimps in comparison and aren't up to the job of heavy tethering. When this powerful gut is strength-tested by its hosts clumsy footing the bones are the first to go. And if you twist your foot at the top end - the ligament girds itself, and the fifth bone will break.

Such a little bone, so much pain and inconvenience. Sometimes they knit back together, sometimes they need the help of a pin. It's a lottery, they tell me.

And I thought you had to be a millionaire footballer to break a metatarsal.

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